Digital, not duct tape.New studio capabilities, modern digital libraries, more reliable sound from any listener device.

KGNU Infrastructure

The heart of KGNU pulses from our studios. Yet, despite our best bootstrapping efforts, our studios are over two decades shy of modern.

It’s essential for us to upgrade security, modernize soundboards, and have a digital music library available in all of our studios.

Upgrades to our membership software, website, playlist system, and training systems are also long overdue.

Equipped with a modern digital studio and systems, we can leap into the present and provide a sharper, more reliable sound to KGNU listeners on any device they choose.

Digital Broadcast Board
Old Analog Board


Born in Boulder, belongs to the front range.

KGNU Footprint

KGNU’s connection to our communities is more than our content.

By enhancing the connectivity for our Boulder and Denver studios, we can better serve our communities. The Denver studio will become a fully operational broadcast station and Boulder’s communication capacities will be reinforced.

Greater systems independence will make it easier for Denver volunteers to host shows  and deliver independent content to our communities.

It will also make KGNU more dependable in case we were ever to lose our ability to broadcast from Boulder due to a crisis such as flood or fire.

Featured image: By JacoTen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


Old Backup Batteries
Old Backup Batteries

Durable in Disaster. Greener in times of calm, more resilient in times of chaos

KGNU Service:

KGNU is an essential, independent community resource. As we saw during the tragic floods of 2013, KGNU is vital in a crisis.

So it’s critical that KGNU invest in solar backup power generation to ensure that we can be on the air during our communities’ times of need.

KGNU also needs to continue to strive to leave a greener footprint, including improved weatherization and HVAC upgrades.

Investments will make us greener in times of calm, and much more reliable in times of chaos when you need us most.